young dragons

To enable the youth of Ljubljana to write their own stories we need to offer them excellent development and support.  We need to help them on their road to independence. ‘The Public Institution Young Dragons’ is the force bringing about a positive change to the field of youth work.  A fountain of imagination bringing new life to the city.  We are a network of spaces offering the youth somewhere to spend their spare time being active and creative. Developing quality spare time for the youth of the city.

You can find us in Zalog, Šiška, Bežigrad and Črnuče, on the streets and in the city centre. We fly over the city, from one part to another. Developing an overview of what is happening in our capital. We love to cycle, take the bus, skate or maybe ride our scooters while we co-create the pulse of the city.

We create an environment where our youth can grow up into responsible, creative and respectful citizens.  Where they can feel included and where they can connect with others. We aim to provide a youth programme in all of Ljubljana’s districts and become the indispensable voice of youth and co-creator of the life of our local communities. We welcome international cooperation. We lay the foundations for youth centres and youth work. Organising an environment where the colourful voices of different cultures of the world will be spoken on a daily basis.

The forces of the Young Dragons consist of youth workers and other associates with a wealth of expertise. Working with youth is our mission. We share a part of ourselves, our knowledge and experiences with them. We encourage and support them.  We are building a world for them, where creativity is a cherished value.

‘The Public Institute Young Dragons’ was founded in 2009 by the City of Ljubljana with the aim of providing programs that enable young people and adolescents to enjoy quality leisure time. The goal of the institute is to provide the possibility of development and the support for young people and their families to help them on their way to independence.

Young Dragons are the main coordinator of Ljubljana’s association of youth centres.  We cooperate with the Youth center Skupaj v skupnosti (MISSS), the Salezijan youth center Kodeljevo, the Salezijan Youth center Rakovnik, Youth center BOB, Youth station Moste (Društvo Sezam), Youth center Ulca (Zavod Bob), GOR society and with the zone Fužine (CSD Moste Polje). We are always looking for new partners in Slovenia and abroad and we cherish the ones that we have already have. We value transparency, reliability and responsiveness and we pay a lot of attention to communication.