the dragon’s lair

Right in the heart of the city, on Resljeva 18, close to the Dragon bridge is where our headquarters stand. This is the place where we make sure all the Dragon’s stuff runs smoothly.   The place where we meet up with partners, we coordinate, we organize, we educate our team, we work to co-create the life of the city.  As well as our headquarters we have our centres which we like to think of as ‘Living Rooms’ for the youth of Ljubljana.

the central living room

Because someone has to take the wheel and have the last word. Someone has to take care of our vision, the quality of our work and the well-being of our staff. Here we preserve youth with laughter.  We jump over puddles or build bridges and sometimes we’re just plain goofy.

Resljeva cesta 18, Ljubljana
00386 1 306 40 64
fb: mladizmaji
ig: mladizmaji

Ksenja Perko
00386 51 659 021

Vanja Krmelj
00386 51 659 022

Marko Taljan
00386 51 659 024

Barbara Rehar
00386 51 625 162