young dragons šiška

At the ground floor of the block we create the beat of Šiška, at Tugomerjeva 2. We are a place where you can socialise, create, participate in workshops and training, join our volunteers or just come and visit. The Young Dragons Šiška have the door s wide open, so enter and see it with your own eyes.

We love to chat. We adore your curiosity. Join us and enjoy your free time with us. We love there to be things going on. So if you are keen on creating projects, doing work experience or volunteering and working with young people, don’t wait, just come along!

Tugomerjeva 2, Ljubljana
fb: mladizmaji
ig: mladizmajisiska

Nina Orlić
(absent until February 2022)
00386 51 659 030

Katja Škorić
00386 51 659 030

Looking for a space to run a project? A space to hang out or organise a gathering?

In Šiška we offer 75,27 m2 of space that is perfect for holding workshops, lectures, meetings or just hanging out for up to 20 people.